Ultimate Branchless Suite

A Suite of application that allows Enterprises such as Banks, Insurance Companies, Pension Administrators and the Government to carry out key operations like account opening/enrollment, cash deposits, withdrawals and CRM through Agents all in the field using Cloud, GPS and mobile technologies.


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Institution Cloud Portal

The most powerful branchless engine, super fast and has a built-in Business Intelligence software. Monitor your agent and customers every second..

Agent Mobile Application

This is the complete Agent kit, that allows them to carry out normal branch operations in the field and automatically sync it to the cloud realtime.

Customer Self-service application

Let's face it in 2016, no one wants to come to your branch to queue up just so they can use your services. Our customer self-service applications puts your operations in the customer's hand 24/7 wherever they are in the world.

Covr Branchless

A responsive, plug and play ready branchless solution for your Enterprise. Call us now for a quote.

Cloud Portal/Institution dashboard.

This is a highly secure portal for the Enterprise to manage all branchless operations, including Agent Management, Agent Tracking & optimization, Audit Reports/Logs, Accounting Entries, CRM Module, Virtual tellers, Commission Management & CMS connector and so much more. Easily integrates into an Core Banking application, ERPs, Telco nodes/Billers and other 3rd party solutions

Agent Mobile Application

This mobile application can be deployed on any Android smart phone/tablet and Android POS terminals. With the application, agents can perform the following operations: Account Opening, CashIn, CashOut, Fund transfer, Bills payment, Airtime recharge, KYC validation, Loan request/origination, statement request, PIN change, Balance check and soo much more.

Customer Self Service Application

This application provides customers the ultimate customer service, which means doing it themselves whenever and wherever they are, no long queues or unnecessary cost transportation to the branches. The application would allow customers perform these operations at their discretion: Account opening, fund transfers, e-statement, balance check, policy renewal, voluntary tax payments, policy creation and so much more on an interactive dashboard

Strategic Partners

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